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Stan Perkoski's Home Services
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 Plumbing Services 
One of Stan's trucks Stan Perkoski's offers a
wide range of plumbing services including:


Stan's Money-saving Environmentally-friendly Water Heating Solutions include:

  • FREE Anode Rod Inspections extend the life of your current water heater.
  • High-efficiency standard storage water heaters.
  • Ultra-efficient and energy-saving heat pump water heaters.
  • Ultra-efficient and energy-saving European-style tankless demand water heaters.
    These eliminate the waste of holding heated water by heating water on demand. Especially appropriate for homes with high demand like garden tubs or large families. Rea
    d what New Castle Delaware's Phyllis Sheppard has to say about her new Noritz demand water heater.
  • Instant hot water at your kitchen sink,
  • Circulating pumps timed to deliver hot water directly to your upstairs bath or shower exactly when you need it. These will eliminate the waste of gallons pouring down your drains as you wait for the desired temperature,

Appliance- and Clothes-Friendly Water Softeners:
Water in need of conditioning can be harmful to your plumbing and heating systems. While some areas have corrosive acidic water that eats away at fixtures, pipes, heaters and boilers, others have hard water which can leave residues that can clog plumbing, reduce water pressure and shorten the life of faucets, shower heads and water-heating appliances.
Additional benefits include:

  • Cleaner, brighter & softer clothes, towels and linen.

  • Elimination of soap scum on tubs and showers,

  • Reduced soap and detergent use,

  • Softer skin and more manageable hair.

Kid & Senior Friendly Bath Safety and Comfort

The room we think of as the ultimate retreat is in fact the most dangerous in our homes. Our youngest and oldest family members are at greatest risk. Bathroom falls and scalds are responsible for more than 200,000 injuries annually. Stan Perkoski's has the solutions to make your bathrooms safe and comfortable for your most special family members. Among the solutions we offer are:

  • Levered handles, grab-bars and comfort-height toilets to make life easier for seniors
  • Installation of anti-scald faucet and shower valves
  • Checking water heater controls for accuracy
  • Shower seating and hand-held spray
  • Easy-access walk-in tubs

Flood Prevention Solutions

  • Named as one of Reader's Digest's top 100 new products of 2004, the FloodStop(TM) system detects leaks as soon as they start and alerts you with an alarm while automatically shutting off supply valves to water heaters, clothes washers, dishwashers, icemakers, toilets, sinks or even to your entire home. Optional automatic phone dialer contacts up to four phone numbers with a recorded alert. A small investment now can save you the heartache and expense that comes with flooding and the mold and mildew damage that so often follows. Those with vacation properties will want to install these in both homes for 24 hour protection while you're away.
  • We install sump pumps to keep basements dry. If you already have a sump pump, you should consider a back-up battery to maintain protection when power fails. Of course, an even better solution is a back-up generator which not only keeps not only your sump pump but lights, appliances, communications and entertainments systems running throughout even the longest of power failures.

Water Service, Sewer Lines &
Septic Installations or Repairs

    • Stan's sewer line camera inspections pinpoint problem.
    • Our team can perform replacement water services without major construction by utilizing a pull cable through the older system, thus saving you from a hefty construction bill.
    We maintain our own excavating equipment to handle any sewer or septic issue.

Planet-friendly Great Tasting Healthy Water Treatment Solutions

Water filtration is not only good for family health and safety, but it's good for the environment and your budget as well. It takes more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually to produce the water bottles used by Americans and the equivalent of 37,000 18-wheelers to transport them. Then about 86% (some 30 million bottles each day) end up as garbage or litter.

Our drinking water filters deliver pure clean water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. With agricultural run-off always a concern, well owners in our rural communities will want to consider a reverse-osmosis membrane filter that mounts either under the sink or in the basement below the kitchen sink. Those whose drinking water comes form either a municipal or a regularly tested well will want to consider the more economical under-the-sink models that deliver better taste by filtering sediment and chlorine (but not the fluoride so important for children's strong healthy teeth).

For longer life from your major appliances (like water heaters, dish and clothes washers and refrigerator ice-makers) and from small appliances (like coffee and espresso makers), our whole-house filtration systems will remove dirt, rust and sediment. These also reduce the likelihood of plumbing repairs by protecting sensitive valves and seals within your plumbing system.

Water Pumps & Pump Services

For those with personal wells, there's no more important system than your pump. When it shuts down, your family is cut off from one of the basic elements of life. Stan Perkoski's maintains a stock of pumps and parts so that we are ready to respond quickly to your emergency.

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"Mr. Perkoski,

"I want you to know (I'm sure you do!) that Nick and Pepe are the best!! They have come to my rescue more times than I can count. These two gentlement are always knowledgable and professional and go above and beyond the call whenever possible. I feel so lucky to have them in my home knowing the problem will be taken care of with quick efficiency -- and a smile."

Mary Beth McClafferty

The Water Heaters We Install
Are American-Made!

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