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 Hear from Our Customers 

A few anonymous testimonials leave you feeling skeptical?

We don't blame you. Anyone can pull together 3 or 4 glowing reviews. Of course you never know if you may be hearing from family members, friends or even from marketing professionals posing as customers.

We only post reviews of customers who have agreed to allow us to post their full names and the cities in which they live.

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"Our old system system was costing us a fortune. It was cycling all the time and not cooling the unit. 

 "Nick came over and explained in detail what needed to be done. When he was done, I knew we had the right company doing the job.

"Our new system now delivers a high level of comfort. With the controllable thermostat, we manage the system and cost more efficiently.

"I would recommend Stan Perkoski to all for HVAC and plumbing."

Mark Andrew Robinson, Wilmington, DE

"The furnace died late in the day while we were out, so my wife left a message, and Nick S. called to say he would be out in about an hour, even though it was after hours. He took the time out of his personal time so we would not have to wait for a service call the next day.

"He showed up on time, fixed the minor problem, and left but not before explaining the issue was a loose fuse. The man is our hero!

"Thanks for the great customer serrvice as he went above and beyond our expectations. Great job!"

Steve Hopkins, Bear, DE

"Without hesitation, I give Stan Perkoski Plumbing and Heating 5 out of 5 stars. 

"Live customer service is very accessible--do not think I have ever had to leave a message other than after hours. And they work with you to satisfactorily resolve any questions that may come up.  

"The technicians were very polite, trustworthy, and on time. I have beeen satisfied with their job performance in every way.

"I have been using Stan Perkoski Plumbing and Heating Serrvices for the past five years. Why? Because they are reliable and do excellent work at a fair price."

Virginiia Frattarola, North East MD

"Excellent professional timely services. The best professional people in the town. We recommend to everyone who needs PLUMBING work done in their house at a very resasonable price. Stan Perkoski's Plumbing and Heating is your best outlet."

Arjun Malavia, Ft. Meyers

"Outstanding. One of the best experiences we have had with a service company, expecially lately. We have had several estimates for various things in and around our home that need service, and this company was by far the most attentive and timely. They treated us like family."

Tracey Pritchard, Wilmington, DE

"You call them, they come, problem fixed!!! Can't ask for more than that!!!

"We called two companies about our failing 25 year old system. The air condinginging ran constantly but barely cooled during a hot summer. Nick was up front and honest and made me feel he could get the job done and we would be happy with the result. He discussed options available and was honest and direct to what was going on. Our entire system was replaced. The results: all positive. Performance, comfort, controls noise levels family health, utility bills."

Mark Robinson, Wilmington, DE

"When Our AC blower stopped working I called three companies. Stan's price is not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for! The technicians were knowedgeable and professional, and work was nicely done and cleanup was great. Liked Nick and Robbie's work at the serrvice call and the deal they gave me! Had a hiccup on what was to be done, but Nick got it made right!

"The new AC blower cools the home faster! 

"Good job from start to finish. I would recommend Stan Perkoski's to anyone!"

Robert Tramel, Wilmingon, DE

"Our home had several problems with errors with builder-installed fixtures. Their plumber had installed a shower head too high, could not identify the bathtub mixing valve, and told us he was going to have to rip out the wall to reinstall a new valve. The drain for the dog wash station was not properly installed. We were told the tub needed to be raised and a new drain installed.

"I found Stan's webpage and felt we had found a competent company. I am extremely happy with Stan's solution and reasonable estimate. 

"Stan's technician went out of his way to provide the best solution to the problems. I was happy that his new proposal eliminated damage to the existing walls so I did not have the expense to repair tile or drywall. When Stan's wpork was done, there was no more work that needed which made me extremely happy.

"I was pleased with the entire experience. The technician went out of his way to provide the best solution. The plumber was kind and courteous. He explained what he was planning to do and provided an alternative solution that saved me money in the long run." 

Carolyn Friday, Barclay, MD

Nick Salahi, Operations Mgr.'I cannot say enough positive things about the quality of customer service! OF COURSE the furnace died late in the evening, so I had to leave a message. Nick S. called me back within 10 minutes, then put me first on the morning schedule. He came himself to check out the problem. When I decided to go with a new unit, he worked with the master schedule to get it installed the next day so I could attend a craft show the day after which may sound trivial, but he took it seriously!

"Nick P. and his assistant Sean responded to my no-heat SOS first, and tried very hard to get my sad, dead furnace restarted. When they determined that the inducer pump was dead, Nick P. worked to give; me the option of replacing just the pump or the entire unit, with no pressure to choose one over the other! I opted to replace the entire unit because it was both the quicker option and because of the age of my system. 

"The installers arrived the next day and worked the entire day without even a break for lunch. When they reached an error involving the condensate pump that they couldn't resolve, they freely admitted they were installers and called in Nick S., the manager, to work on it! When he had to come out to troubleshoot the condensate pump, he made arrangements to do so so I could still make it to my event."

"I am so happy I chose Stan Perkoski. Stan Perkoski's has been my HVAC/plumbing contractor of choice since I moved to Delaware 10 years ago--I can't imagine calling anyone else."

Heidi Burch, Bear, DE

"We called lots of companies for quotes for replacement of our tankless water heater. Stan's staff came by and said rather than replace it, all that was needed was a flush. They came the following week (Christmas Eve no less) and flushed it while also inspecting and finding nothing wrong with the system. No Issues since. Stan Perkoski's took care of the issue quickly & efficiently. Tried to make everything right on the first visit."

Jordan Tobin, Wilminton, DE

"Problems solved. Great service, great people and honest business. I will use no other.

"We bought a condo with an HVAC unit Stan installled. It had an issue. I called them. No BS about how we were not the original purchaser, blah, blah. 'We'll fix it' they said, and they did.  NO CHARGE. They arrived early and put on masks when asked. I can't say enough good about them.

"When minor bathroom sink issues turned out to be even more minor than I thought, I was charged only for the call.

"I am a 10th generationself-employed Delawarean. As my father used to say: 'Doing business with people can be a pleasure.' How often can you say that? I can say that about Stan Perkoski's."

James Reynolds, Wilmington, DE

"Our condo' s 25+ year old HVAC unit was constantly cycling to keep the setting temperature running up the electric bill to very high numbers!!! We considered more than three companies but chose Stan Perkoski's because we were always seeing his vehicles in the condo parking lot, We asked the building manager about them, and he replied that Stan Perkoski's had been doing business here for years, and everyone raved about the employees and the equipment to him.

"Nick arrived with a technician to evaluate the system. After giving both halves a good look over, he sat down with me to discuss his findings. He advised that while we might be able to fix this, he had reservations because he would have to find the 25+ year old replacement parts. He explained that it would be costly, and he couldn't guarantee the work. He took some notes and sent an email with an estimate for replacing the entire unit. My wife and I agreed and scheduled the replacement. 

"Our new system runs MUCH less in cycle time. The three-stage fan was the best thing Nick suggested. Our electric bills dropped off significantly. The unit achieves and maintains the set temperature on the new WiFi digital thermostat quickly and efficiently!

"After the installation, we noticed a lot of dust on the furniture. I told the service tech who came to do a routine maintenance check (part of the service with the new installation) He called the office, and they recommended a duct cleaning company. I just knew with their recommendation, the cleaning was going to turn out GREAT!

"Stan Perkoski's customer service: NOTHING LESS THAN EXCELLENT!"

Mark Robinson, Wilmington, DE

"Stan performed two jobs for me. One in mid-January when my 21 year old furnace went out. I also called end for February to have a toilet fixed. We considered two other companies but chose Stan on the recommendation of my neighbor. Overall it was a great experience, and I would use Stan Perkoski again. Customer service was great--friendly, professional. The technicians were also great--very professional and up front about issue and pricing. My new heating system is more efficient."

Denise A. Jones, Elkton, MD

"In the house I bought, all the pipes were broken as was the heating system. The town also required required a new water meter.  I chose Stan Perkoski because they always came when I called. Both Nicks and Ricky were great to work with. They installed new plumbing, a heating system and a new water meter. The thing I have like about Perkoski's company is that they have always responded in a timely manner to any problems or projects I've needed done. The jobs were done in a timely professional matter. When a mistake was made on the job, they stepped up and corrected it." 

Faith Wilson, Chestertown, MD

"When we found water in our basement and the ar conditioner looking wet and sweaty, I asked my friend if she knew a good HVAC company. She told me her whole family uses Stan Perkoski and that they are good and reasonable. The customer service representative who took my call was sweet and helpful. Throughout the process she was reassuring and wonderful. Nick came out, and he knew exactly what we needed. He had been in the business a long time. We needed to have our air conditioner and heating system replaced. The technicians were great, extremely polite and well-mannered. Our new air conditioner and heating system works like a dream. We are happy and will keep using Stan Perkoski in the future."

Nettie F. Biegler, Wilmington, DE

"After another company told us our furnace's burner was cracked, we called Stan for a second opinion. Nick and Nick soon arrived and determined that the burner was fine. They even returned a second  time to confirm their diagnosis. We appreciate the quick response and the thoroughness of the work. These two courtesy visits saved us the cost of a new burner. Thank you very much."

William and Kathleen Naccarato, Wilmington, DE

"We were having issues with our water pump not circulating correctly. The pressure guage was also broken. Your customer service was outstanding. I was very impressed. The technicians were oustanding, very knowledgeable in what they were doing. The new pump's noise level decreased significantly. It's now much lower than what we were used to."

Jeff Rank, Middletown, DE

" I have been with Stan Perkoski for 15 years and have had excellent service. They have been punctual, skillful and very reliable. I wouldn't consider another company. Why change when you have a winner?"

Nancy Hanna, Wilmington, DE

"When my old water heater died after 21 years of service, I called Stan Perkoski's. Why? Previous service has been excellent. I am always pleased with the personal attention this company provides. It's great to take a hot shower again!"

Ed Shaw, New Castle, DE

"I have been a loyal customer for many years. I feel compelled to write today to praise a few of your employees. I have nothing but praise for the professionalism, courteousness and diligence that they demonstrate.

"A few nights ago, my furnace was not working properly, and I put a call in to your office. A few minutes later I was on the phone with Nick Salahi. He was offering me troubleshooting tips and trying to see if there was a quick fix on a rather cold evening. Long story short, not long after he arrived at my house on his own time and spent over an hour and a half seeing if he could fix the problem. When it was apparent that he could not, he made arrangements for the work to be done the next day. He patiently answered all my questions and made sure our house was safe from CO2.

"The next day, after I'm sure what was an already long day, Nick Peppi arrived to install the new furnace. Nick has been in my home many times and done almost all of the heating/AC work that has been done over the years. I find him to be such a pleasure to work with. He also now services my sister's home at my recommendation. He explains each part of whatever he is working on, gives me honest advice about things that will come up in the future and things I can do as a preventative nature. He should be commended for his workmanship, conscientiousness and timeliness. I really appreciate being able to count on something being done right and when it should be done. I also appreciate that he is meticulous in his clean up. Most times, you wouldn't even know he had been there.

"Included is a small gesture of thanks to both of these men for their willingness to go above and beyond. That is an exception in most of today's workforce. I wish it was more substantial, but I did just have to buy a new furnace!!

"Also with Nick were Derrick and Jamar. Both were above board and hard working. I know far too often, people are willing to complain but don't recognize when something goes well. Your employees do things the right way and I am grateful.

"Judy S. recommended your company to me years ago when I bought my house, and I have not been disappointed. I would recommend you without hesitation. Thank you so much for your workmanship and please thank Nick and Nick again for me."

Carole Chilton, Claymont, DE

"When you hire a plumber out of the phone book, you have no idea what you're going to get. My problem was black water welling up into my kitchen sink, and my attempts to plunge and snake did absolutely nothing.

"The professional plumber couldn't fix it with his professional, much longer snake, But where did that leave me?

"He arranged to come back with a team -- 5 people total in two vans, and all the equipment needed to excavate my kitchen floor to the street. But BECAUSE THEY KNEW THIS WOULD MEAN MAJOR RENOVATIONS AFTERWARDS, THEY FIRST TRIED SOMETHING LESS DAMAGING: a high-pressure hose to dig through the clog. IT WORKED

"The team was professional at all times, explained each step to me, and even polished the floor afterwards. I highly recommend Stan Perkoski's Home Services."

Robert Deihl, Newark, DE

"Jamar Craig performed the service today. I want to let you know how impressed I was meeting him. An excellent representative for your company: competent, skilled, great interpersonal relations."

Terry Priebe, Wilmington, DE

"I would recommend this plumbing service over more popular companies due to their honest pricing policy and prompt service. Your technician was honest and polite as well as efficient."

Shashee Riordan, Newark, DE

"Nick was professional, friendly and always had a smile on. He was honest and up front about the pricing.  He installed a water line for our new fridge quickly and then came back to attach the tubing after the fridge was delivered at no extra cost . . . . As a side note,the toilet Stan's installed (previously) has already saved me $20 on my quarterly water bill."

Kathryn McCrea, Wilmington, DE

"After calling two other companies, the choice was clear. Someone at Stan Perkoski's actually picked up the call! Scheduling was very quick and easy. The technician was very professional and thorough. Answered all my questions/concerns and kept me updated along the way. Working sink. Woohoo!"

Ann Saleem, Claymont

"The fact that I could call at 8:00pm on a Thursday evening and have it fixed by noon the next day is amazing! When I first called, someone called me back within 20 minutes and scheduled for the following day. Stan's technicians were thorough and knowledgeable. They checked everything to determine the source of the issue, changed out the parts and checked the system again to ensure ie was running properly."

Jordan Tobin, Wilmington, DE

"Thank you Nick for helping us stay warm again. This company is great.The phone operator and the tech himself was great. I will save their number in my phone."

Nina M,, Elsmere

"Mr. Perkoski:  I want you to know (I'm sure you do!) that Nick and Pepe are the best!! They have come to my rescue more times than I can count. These two gentlemen are always knowledgeable and professional and go above and beyond the call whenever possible. I feel so lucky to have them in my home knowing the problem will be taken care of with quick efficiency--and a smile!"

Mary Beth McClafferty

"I called only Stan on the recommendation of my chiropractor who was happy with your services. I was having difficulty turning on the shower. Nick Peppe was terrific. He and his assistant replaced the Moen posi-temp cartridge and the trim and also upgraded the handle a chrome lever-ype. It is a breeze now to take a shower! Your customer service was great, your technicans wonderful! I would recommend your company - and NIck - to anyone!"

Paula Randazzo, Wilmington, DE

"Outstanding! Went over and above to ensure my basement water leak was resolved. Special thanks for the outstanding service provided by Nick Pepa and Nick Salahi. I can't say enough how much I appreciated their commitment to my issue. Both represented Perkoski in a manner that's to be commended."

Ed Shaw, New Castle, DE

"I couldn't be happier with the technican sent to my house or with the work done. I was having no problems, just wanted to make sure my cooling system was prepared for summer. Jamar did an excellent job. He was very thorough and did great explaining each step of the maintenance process. He was very polite, on time (early actually), and knowledgeable. The system was running well before, but now I have the peace of mind knowing now if anything happens to my cooling system that Stan Perkoski's Home services is who I will call for help. I will be sure to tell friends and family about my experience. Thank you!"

Gerard Aulisa, Claymont, DE

"Excellent customer service, and we even got our senior discount! Sean was very professional, and Nick got our part special ordered from the factory and installed  ASAP! Great job, and we have heat!! Heater is working better than ever. Thanks again for your prompt caring service!!" 

Maryanne & Frank Ouly, Bear, DE 

"My house is finally warm! And I am much less stressed about my heat situation :) I could not be any happier with the excellent and quick service that I received. I will continue to use Stan for any future needs! 

"I am a new homeowner. When my furnace kept breaking down, I contacted Stan Perkoski's Home Services. I chose Stan because of the excellent reviews and very good price. 

"Customer service was very pleasant to deal with. Friendly, patient and thorough. Answered any questions I had and helped walk me through the finance option. Very easy to talk to.

"The technicians were very polite, friendly and hard working. They worked non stop all day long until the job was done. I was extremely satisfied with them both."

Hannah Kelley, Chestertown, MD

"We were having water pressure problems. Stan arrived himself, did a preliminary diagnosis, and we subsquently received a full slate of options with pricing. Once we had accepeted, the team arrived quickly and fixed the problem in one morning with no excavation necessary (replaced broken water line between meter and house). "

"A side benefit was that rust in fittings employed by the original builder was identified and brass replacements installed."

NOTE from Stan: It was pure coincidence, but Mr. Durell's call came in during National Fix-a-Leak Week. What prompted his call was an $800 water bill. Because his property is on the Chesapeake Bay, he had no idea he had lost over 70,000 gallons over a three week period. We figured that joining the U.S. Evironmental Protection Agency's promotion would lead to some water savings for our customers, but we never expected one this big!

Durelle Lester, Rock Hall, MD 

"Two other companies that came out were not insured to go on the roof or upstairs to access the backed up drain line. I called you after seeing your truck in our Garfield Park neighborhood to see if you were so insured. A very professional employee answered your phone, confirmed that you were insured and scheduled an appointment.

"The technician was excellent. He was very professional and thorough and an all out nice person -- represented your company very well. I would highly recommend your company, and will use you over and over again."

Evelyn Selth, New Castle, DE

"Awesome customer service. You answered the phone in a professional manner and were able to send someone out in a reasonable time frame. When your staff needed to reschedule due to an emergency, a call was made asking our permission to do so. Basically, you respected us as customers.

"Your technicaions were very professional, helpful and did a great job. They offered tips and ideas to help us further our energy savings."

Angelina Sewell, Chestertown, MD

"This was just awesome. The dispatcher was incredibly helpful and empathetic to my situation. When I couldn't locate the shut-off valve (for my broken hot water heater), someone stopped by to locate it and shut it off. Really the only improvement on the situation would be if I had called you guys sooner and replaced the hot water heater before the old unit died and flooded my house. 

"My experience was pleasant from start to finish. They just left, and I was able to take a hot shower. It was everything a hot shower ought to be!"

Steve Crooks, Wilmington, DE

"Problem solved promptly and professionally in a single day! Cold weather broke my house's main drain. I called Stan Perkoski's because I heard great things about the level of service and professionalism from several friends. I was very impressed with Stan's technicians. They were top notch, very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend Stan Perkoski's to all my friends and family with no reservations at all."

Albert Padley, Springfield, PA

"I chose Stan Perkoski's because you were on the Tarleton Preferred Vendor List. I just wanted to say Mike is the best. He did an amazing job and was super friendly.

"I will need some help on some projects in the future and will definitely use your company. Feel free to use me as a reference."

Kevin C. McCabe, Wilmington 

"I really don't remember how I first engaged your company or how long ago it was, probably from the yellow pages but I must tell you my husband and I could not be happier with the service of both the company and your employees.

"We are especially pleased with (Operations Manager) Nick Salahi. He definitely is a great asset to your company. Nick has been very helpful and pleasant. Speaking for ourselves, he goes out of his way to please your customers. It is a pleasure to know that Nick is there for us. Thank you for having him on your staff. We appreciate Nick, his knowledge, his caring, and helpfulness. Please share this with him. Thank you."

Joyce and Robert Flach, Galena, MD

"3 hours total from an 8 AM Monday call to job completion on our emergency hot water heater replacement. Needless to say, service was excellent. Tech Steve explained things very clearly in terms I could understand. We are thankful to have hot water.

"I called Stan Perkoski's Home Services because you were familiar having driven by your location, seen your trucks and heard your radio ads. I also had the feeling that the competitor I had been using is overpriced.  We will definitely use you again for our plumbing and heating needs."

Kathy Fink, Wilmington, DE

"Awesome customer service! I called Stan Perkoski's on the recommendation of a neighbor and because you are BBB accredited. Steve and Jon arrived exactly at 8 AM as scheduled, and both jobs were finished within two hours!. I was impressed that I received a call when the tech was within minutes of arriving. Steve explained what would be done and how and then reviewed with me when the job was completed. I was very impressed with both technicians professionalism, politeness and thoroughness."

Brenda Yates, Newark

"I have all the hot water I need, whenever I need it. The pressure release overflow is directly connected to my sump pump well. What a relief that is! The new heater is small and wall-mounted, so I have reclaimed a good bit of space in my basement.

There was no question who I would call when my traditional hot water was leaking. MY biggest fear was that I would have 75 gallons of water in my otherwise very dry basement. I guess the most important reason I call on you exclusively is because I TRUST you to do the right thing for me every time I need you; I have never been disappointed.

Nick M. is phenomenal. He really knows what he is doing, how to do it efficiently and how to do it right. I always feel that everyone I deal with at Stan Perkoski's is doing everything possible on my behalf. I always get the impression from everyone that they consider me a valued customer. This is so refreshing.

Phyllis Sheppard, New Castle, DE

"I chose Stan's because of your high rating on Angie's list. Your customer service was excellent. Steve and Mike were very professional. I no longer have worries about the water heater bursting when I'm not home."

Ken Andrezejewski, Lincoln University

"Not So Far Farm in Elk Mills, MD is sending a great big Thank You for the tremendous service yesterday in fixing our well problems. Your guys were so friendly, professional and just awesome to work with. All of our four legged creatures here on the farm (and the people too) think you guys are great!"

Beth McCormick, Elk Mills, MD

"Just want to say the guys that did the work were very professional. As they installed my vanity, I'd had ceramic flooring put in, and of course once the old vanity was removed, that portion sat lower and did not have ceramic on it. The guys called their contractor and had them cut a piece of wood that would balanced and level out the floor. I was so happy they extended their service to do that because they didn't have to. This level of service will definitely inspire me to call on Stan's again because they represented true customer service and satisfaction. The service techs went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the job."

JoAnn Wright, Newark

"We have hot water! Steve was great to work with, and his GM was very helpful both in scheduling and coming out on the job with Steve. They were knowledgeable, punctual and informed us of what was going to happen, how and when."

Randy O'Brien, Hockessin

"I was very pleased with the quick and professional service we received today. We had a broken pipe, and one of your servicemen responded quickly, gave me a quick quote and fixed it on the spot. Thanks for the professional service. We have your magnet and will call you should we have any more plumbing problems."

Corey Walters, Wilmington, DE

"I called Stan Perkoski's when my air compressor stopped working. Your technican was very professional and did a very good job. He looked at the situation, let me know what the problem was and fixed it. Now my heat actually cuts off. Before your call it kept running."

Patricia M. Payne, Elkton, MD

"I chose Stan Perkoski's over another plumber because you were available on short notice when a water pipe burst on Saturday! The representative who took may call was pleasant and straight-forward. Your technician was knowledgeable, efficient, a good worker and clean. Our crawl space is once again dry."

David C., Chadds Ford, PA 

"When my A/C was not turning on, I was considering calling another company. Then I saw your specials. Nick was on time and diagnosed the problem quickly. He was great. I would recommend Stan Perkoski's service to friends and neighbors."

Raj Dama, West Chester

"I chose Stan's because of your high rating on Angie's list. Your customer service was excellent; technicians Steve and Michael were very professional. I'm no longer worrying about a water heater about to burst when I'm not home."

Ken Adrzewjewski, Lincoln University, PA

"Your technician left a good impression: professional, honest and courteous. Although he was unable to solve the problem on his first visit, he did pinpoint where the drain clog was and quoted a price to preceed further." 

Jack Mahoney, New Castle, DE

"When my downstairs bathroom was backed up, there was only one call I made. I am confident to say Stan Perkoski's is my first choice for plumbing repairs and sales in Wilmington, DE. The staff is friendly, and the technicans are first rate. I have used Stan Perkoski's for two toilet installations and was pleased with the service, professionalism and followup."

Oliver Childs, Wilmington, DE

"Justin was assigned to our project and he is awesome! He did the installation quick. The toilet itself was a problem and had a defect. Justin knew who to call to get the replacement ASAP. We would definitely ask for Justin to do our plumbing work from now on."

Kathryn McCrea, Wilmington, DE

"When my air conditioner pipe started leaking indoors, I called Stan Perkoski's. Customer service was very attentiave and reliable. The technicians were very knowledgable and resolved our issue.  The system is working and no more leaks."

Jose Solis, Bear, DE

"Your customer service was great. The technicians were clean, informative and very well-versed in their subject."

Heather Martin, New Castle, DE

"Stan Perkoski's replied promptly to our call. Their technician was personable and efficient. He explained what he was doing and gave options. The toilet and garbage dispoal repairs were performed in a timely manner."

Doreen Jensen, Chestertown, MD

"Thanks for keeping us comfortable!! We just had an annual check-up. Everything is working smoothly. I think annual tune-ups help avoid having the AC die in the middle of a heat wave.

"We've been with Stan Perkoski since we bought the house in 2008. Stan P was recommended by the previous owner. We've been very happy with the service. The technicians are great, very professional and knowledgeable."

Susan Nick, Rock Hall, MD 

"Customer Service is what it is all about. Stan Perkoski's Home Services exemplifies customer service. When I called back expressing that the problem was not repaired to my satisfaction they were back out the next day and stayed until I was satisfied...and never came across frustrated with my attitude. They have 100% guarantee on their work. Always polite...and willing to explain everything. I highly recommend Stan Perkoski's to anyone who has a heating or plumbing problem - or just wants a checkup on your system. Thank you Stan Perkoski's!"

Vicki Green, Wilmington, DE

"I have been a customer for years. My comments relate to the most recent Fall contract servicing which occurred in December 2011. Your representative was very courteous, knowledgeable and professional. He did not just check things and leave. He explained what he did in a way I would understand it and pointed out things that we need to be aware of. He answered any questions I had. The service he provided was very customer focused and not just about doing a job and getting out. He did his job but made sure we were comfortable with what occurred."

Barbara Davis, Landenberg, PA

"We really rate you a 10+++. Both Ryan's, Nick, Tim and Kevin were so efficient and worked well together .... Saved us a bundle of money. Very organized, cleaned up very good, and so nice. We already recommended Perkoski's to two neighbors and a friend in Landenberg, PA. Keep up the 'awesome' work you do and we're still your faithful customers since 2002. All five workers deserve an commendation, Kudos or something. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Christine, Patricia & Iris Yermak, Wilmington, DE

"You are number 1. I won't use anyone else. Nick was courteous and knowledgeable. He fixed the problem in less than ½ hour. Everything was cleaned up, and the lights were turned out. The heater now works with no problems. I also asked Nick his opinion of my heating system - should I start looking for another one? Is this one too old? He said I should have a few more seasons left with my system and as long as I keep it maintained, I should be fine. I appreciated his honesty and was thankful he didn't try to sell me another system."

Denise Esposito, Wilmington, DE

"We were referred to you from someone else who trusts your work. Scott was wonderful; easy to deal with; showed us what we needed to know; diagnosed the problem and gave us options. Nick and your delivery guy were courteous; knowledgeable; able to work together; focused on what needed to be done. (Scott was also there and they worked as a team.) It was nice to be able to feel comfortable with having them focused on what they needed to do and be courteous. It was obvious they'd worked together before....Our house is now warm, the air flow is unbelievable."

Colleen O'Neill, Wilmington, DE

"This last visit was the annual maintenance check of the heater, and your office called me to schedule it. Originally we were referred to you by my in-laws when we needed to have our sewer line replaced. My in-laws were happy with the work you had done for the and your price was competitive. All of your salesmen and technicians that we have met over the last 2 years have been kind, courteous and very knowledgeable."

Collen Naccarato, Wilmington, DE

"I like your employees. The technicians were great, and their clean-up of their work area was excellent. We now have more even heat throughout the whole house....Our dogs were bringing a lot of dust into the house. There's less dust since you installed our new air filter."

Roger Kenvin, Wilmington, DE

"I have had 2 experiences with your company. On one occasion, a kitchen faucet was installed on a counter top that appeared to be impossible to do so. Next time, my a/c was diagnosed to cost me nothing but a house call .... I have recommended you to everyone."

Dolores Trout, Chestertown, MD

"I love the service, the ease of scheduling, the notification of timing. Nick was thorough, efficient and courteous. He left the area where he worked the same as when he arrived."

Carole Chilton, Claymont, DE

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your kind consideration during this last month while we dealt with the tragedy of my son's death. Everyone did an amazing job responding to my overwhelming plumbing - sewer - water needs while I had a huge number of people stopping by to offer condolences. I just wish all companies were so thoughtful."

Sherry Sharp, Centreville, MD

"Scott was awesome! He actually left his work area nicer than when he arrived. You have a very satisfied new customer. Thank you so much! I'm going to refer you to my friends."

Karen Summa, Wilmington, DE

"The service man who came when our basement flooded was very helpful in helping me make the decision to install a new sump pump. Jamie was very informative when I asked questions. The work appears to be completed in a professional manner."

Stephanie L. Napier, New Castle, DE

"Your technician was very congenial and patient with my questions... much better than (another company) which I originally had for another problem. I was not used to the dry heat in my home and experienced frequent bouts of blowing nose and occasional sinus dripping. It's too soon to assess, but I'm confident that the new humidifier you installed will fix that."

Howard Cohen, Newark, DE

"Your technician was very efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. Compared with other service companies, you are excellent. I would recommend Stan Perkoski's to others."

Cindy Nouri, Hockessin, DE

"We recently had a new hot water heater installed at our Maryland "get-away" by your company. We want you to know of our satisfaction with the job. We, once again, have hot water! Most importantly, we were very pleased with Cameron and Sean who did the work. They were all that an employee should be -- neat, clean, pleasant and diligent in their work. Thanks to them and to your company we will certainly call upon you for any further needs in this area."

Paul F. Vanderslice, West Chester, PA

"My wife and I recently put our house on the market to sell, and we had two problems that required a state evaluation, diagnosis and plumbing treatment. Steve promptly came and fixed the problems. The young men who worked with him were courteous and neat in their work. We would especially like to thank Steve for his thoughtful consideration of our problems and for his experienced ability to solve them. All work was done promptly, efficiently, and things were left in a very clean condition. Thank you for having Steve and some of your young men doing a great job. We would be delighted to recommend your team to anybody."

Dr. & Mrs. G Barrett Heckler, Wilmington, DE

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"I want you to know (I'm sure you do!) that Nick and Pepe are the best!! They have come to my rescue more times than I can count. These two gentlement are always knowledgable and professional and go above and beyond the call whenever possible. I feel so lucky to have them in my home knowing the problem will be taken care of with quick efficiency -- and a smile."

Mary Beth McClafferty

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